Forensic dentistry examination

Dr. Ajang Farid graduated in forensic dentistry from the US Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and the Department of Forensic Dentistry of the University of Texas – San Antonio. As a trained forensic expert, he is entitled to issuing an expert opinion on forensic dentistry matters on request.

When is it worthwhile to seek an expert opinion? You can read a list below but other situations may emerge too.

Dental treatments are, unfortunately, not always successful. If the patient needs an expert opinion, Dr. Farid is entitled to issuing one as a medical expert, after careful and detailed examination.

Expert medical opinion can also be sought in insurance cases, after accidents at workplaces or other venues. The opinion of the medical expert is also indispensable in criminal cases involving injuries (e.g., injury of the jaw, bone injury, forceful injury of teeth).

Dr. Farid’s specialty is bite mark identification. He can offer his expert opinion in such criminal cases too (e.g., child abuse or rape). You can read more under Forensic Dentistry (Bite mark identification).

Should you need a forensic expert opinion, please turn to Dr. Farid who is always at your service.

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