Restorative and esthetic dentistry

We have created our Clinic to make your smile as beautiful as we can. Porcelain crowns, veneers and the bleaching of teeth may all contribute to this, making your appearance even more attractive and self-confident.

Veneers (porcelain)

Fillings and inlays in matching shades

Ceramic crowns and bridges

Restorative dentistry is the procedure whereby we restore a missing or decayed tooth to its original condition and thus provide for a well-functioning and healthy dentition.
Restorative and esthetic dentistry has taken huge strides forward in the past fifty years. With the appearance of dental implants and hybrid and composite fillings, dentistry is now able to restore your teeth to an esthetically well-pleasing and well-functioning condition. Avicenna Dental is active in all of these fields, ea., implants, crowns, bridges and dentures.


Though we are really proud of our restorative and esthetic dentistry expertise, treatments still remain at the heart of our work. During your first consultation, you will participate in a detailed examination of your parodontium in order to define the state of health of your bones and gum. We will then prepare a customized oral hygiene program for you through which we can either maintain or achieve the required health status of your teeth. After the conclusion of the treatment process, we will offer regular control visits so as to maintain gum health and preserve the results of any kind of restorative or esthetic dentistry intervention as long as possible.

Porcelain crowns and bridges

When a tooth decays to a point that it requires a crown and it is located in a high bite force area, a porcelain crown reinforced with ceramics or metal or precious metal (usually gold) might be needed.
These restorative methods have developed a lot since their introduction in dental procedures 40 years ago. If these crowns and bridges are prepared in a professional way, they can vie with any ceramic crown.


If a tooth is missing or cannot be saved anymore, it can be replaced by an artificial tooth (implant) or a bridge that spans over the empty space of the lost tooth. This is a so-called fixed bridge. Such bridges are always supported by at least two natural teeth with one or more pontics located in between the two abutments.
Though this technology has been used for the greatest part of the last century, the look of bridges has dramatically changed since. There are occasions where an implant is not feasible or would not yield the required esthetic result – these are cases calling for fixed bridges.

Fillings in matching shades

People today are well aware that black teeth are more visible when we talk and mostly when we smile and they can be highly disturbing from an esthetic point of view. If this is your concern, please do not worry. There are numerous ways of how we can help.

 If the decay and the existing smaller fillings are located in a small area, we can make your teeth look like new by using matching shade fillings.

Back teeth are subjected to a higher bite force thus larger cavities and older and larger fillings may demand porcelain, ceramic or laboratory made so-called resin inlays. The health and look of back teeth can be significantly improved by a procedure requiring two visits only.

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