Bite Mark Identification

As a forensic dentistry specialist, Dr. Farid is qualified for analyzing bite marks. He closely cooperates with the Criminal Technical Department of the Hungarian Police in order to avoid, recognize and analyze such crimes. Bite marks usually appear in case of rape, murder or child abuse and can be definitive evidences for finding the perpetrator. They are frequently signs that the perpetrator wanted to slow down the victim while trying to take control of him/her.

Bite marks may appear on any part of the body but mostly on soft tissues and more fleshy areas, like the abdomen or bottom. They also appear on criminal site objects and can many times be found on the perpetrators showing that the victims were defending themselves. It is imperative that all bite marks found be taken photos of together with an ABFO liner (a uniform measurement tool developed by the American Board of Forensic Odontology) before the wound would start to heal, mostly in cases of child abuse and rape. This is the only way for a proper analysis of bite marks.

Dr. Farid participates in training courses in the US at least once a year  in order to get to know new techniques and novel developments in the field of forensic dentistry.

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