Dr. Ajang Armin Farid

Dr. Farid was born in Vienna, Austria. He moved to Hungary in 1989 to study dentistry here. He graduated from the Semmelweis University of Budapest. He worked at different dental clinics then opened Avicenna Dental and Medical Clinic.

Dr. Ajang Farid is a specialist recommended by numerous Embassies in Budapest (United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Germany) who also treats a large number of foreign patients. Besides working in general dentistry, Dr. Farid also specializes in forensic dentistry and serves the Ministry of Justice in this capacity. He gained his qualification as an expert in forensic dentistry in the United States, at the US Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and the Department of Forensic Dentistry of the University of Texas – San Antonio. As such, he gives talks on the role of forensic dentistry in the identification of victims of disasters and in crime scene investigation to medical and dentistry students at the Semmelweis University of Budapest. He also cooperates with the Hungarian police: he offers professional trainings on bite marks in criminal cases.

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Dr. Roland Dinu

Dr. Dinu spent the last year of his university studies in Innsbruck, Austria with a scholarship grant where he worked and studied at the Maxillofacial Surgery Department, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Michael Rasse for a year. He graduated with full honours („summa cum laudae”)  from the Semmelweis University of Budapest in 2011. In the following three years, he worked as a resident oral surgeon at the Outpatient Department of the Dental Centre of Semmelweis University where he could deepen his knowledge under the tuition of his tutor, Assistant Professor Dr. Szabolcs Gyulai-Gaál. He sat for his qualification exam in dentoalveolar surgery in 2014. He then served as the oral surgeon of the Implantcenter Oral Surgery and Dentistry Clinic between 2014-2018. In order to further widen and deepen his knowledge of the field, he did a „Master of Implantology” – Implant Fellowship Program at New York University,  USA  between 2015-2017.  

During the course of the past years, he worked at state owned and private clinics in Hungary and abroad (London, Zurich, Berne) and gained experience in the total range of oral surgery interventions.

Avicenna Dental is widening its services with oral surgery and implantology interventions thus complex jobs will also be undertaken on premises of the Clinic.

Andrea Simon

Dental assistant, clerk and patient coordinator

Ms. Simon gained her clinical dental hygiene specialist and dental assistant qualification in Budapest, at the János Bolyai Bilingual Vocational Secondary School. She then graduated from the Dániel Berzsenyi College as a cultural manager with PR and protocol specialization.

Ms. Simon has been working with Dr. Farid since 1995 and is of great help to him during treatments. Besides, she plays a key role in creating a family-like ambience for patients at the Clinic. She receives and coordinates the patients, takes care of appointments and creates a pleasant environment and smooth patient care.

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